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Where Love Dwells, Faith Grows, and Mission Leads

Whatever you are looking for, you will find at Hubbard UMC. HUMC is a welcoming, inclusive, Christ-centered community, with a three-fold emphasis: the gospel, mission, and music.

HUMC traces its history back to 1879, when pioneers homesteading on the Hubbard prairie met for worship in their homes. In 1890, a group of 57 men and women agreed to build a church, and within six months the foundation was laid. The new church was dedicated on January 18, 1891.

Since that time, the Hubbard congregation has been served by 54 ministers, including a few Circuit Riders, who often served as many as four congregations on the prairie. The original church was enlarged several times until 2001, when a decision was made to build a new house of worship to accommodate the growing congregation.

Today, the church is a beehive of activity nearly every day of the week, with committee meetings, choir rehearsals, quilters’ gatherings, small group studies, Wednesday evening youth activities and much, much more.

HUMC’s members are both residential and seasonal. During the winter, when the snowbirds have flown south, the congregation numbers about 100 in worship. But during the summer, when the snowbirds return to their vacation homes on the many nearby lakes, the congregation swells to 200 or more. Together, these members form a cohesive whole and thrive in a unique symbiotic relationship.

Hubbard Church truly is an invitational community where love dwells, faith grows, and mission leads. We look forward to sharing our vision with you!

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