Weddings at HUMC

Dear Happy Couple:

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding at Hubbard United Methodist Church (HUMC). The covenant of marriage is established by God and is a vow that not only the couple makes, but their friends and family who are present also take to uphold and care for the two people in their marriage.  A wedding, therefore, is worship that honors God and celebrates the marriage between two persons. 

One of the gifts God gives is creativity.  That creativity is a wide range from simplicity to ornate.  Hubbard UMC allows for creativity within your wedding design.  Music, décor, ritual, attendants and other pieces are to be planned by you in consultation with the pastor and wedding coordinator at HUMC.  We have developed a handbook which is designed to give you guidance as you plan your wedding ceremony.

We also offer premarital counseling and will often direct you to other professionals who can assist you to give you the foundation of life-long Christ-centered marriage.

If you would like to contact us about your upcoming wedding, please begin here.

Again, blessings on your upcoming marriage!

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